Mother-hood is a rite of passage which is rarely honoured as sacred, and better shared. I’m offering a space to mark the transitions into motherhood and through it, alongside the phases of Nature’s cycles. These who identify as a mother, with or without children, those supporting mothers and those that are mothering themselves and the small beings on Earth. From preparation of birth to peri-menopause, menopause and beyond. Motherhood is a time of personal growth and realignment to our life path. Connecting with Nature, our nature and the collective wisdom of mothers can be a source of comfort and support. Our mother skillset is essential to the evolution of humanity.

Pricing – Every 2 weeks for 2 hours £20 per meet up, paid in bundles of 5. The first gathering is sold as a solo to see if you’ve found your Tribe. Hot wild herb infusions on arrival. At Les Caches Farm (National Trust) or WildGuernsey.

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Address: WildGuernsey, Pouquelaie Vinery, Ruette Rocques aux Caulx, St Peters, Guernsey GY7 9BZ

Phone: 07781 122420

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