We would love you to:

  • Engage with us to explore how Health Connections can consistently add value, fill gaps, increase collaboration and align with your priorities, purpose and projects.
  • Keep our team informed of best practice and current research and developments in Health and Social Care.
  • Increase our understanding of how we can continually provide support that reflects the current and future trends and needs of everyone in the Bailiwick and visitors to the islands.
  • Join the growing Network of Community Connectors and value their contribution to our community.
  • Join our team of Voluntary Car Drivers and Shop and Office Volunteers.
  • Support us to develop new income streams through Social Enterprise , fundraising and donations.
  • Partner with us as part of your CSR, providing volunteers for one of our projects.
  • Explore other innovative ways to partner with us!


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Email: hello@healthconnections.gg