Enabling access to opportunities for social connection, health and wellbeing

Our Voluntary Community Transport Service provides a safe, reliable and affordable voluntary transport service to residents of Guernsey with genuine transport difficulties.
We have approximately 20 volunteers across the Island who use their own cars to provide door-to-door transport for health and well-being related appointments and activities.

Enquire about registering to use the Voluntary Community Transport Service

The service is intended for people who are unable to use public or other transport to get to appointments and activities which support their health and wellbeing.

HSC pay a standard mileage charge to cover the cost of fuel for the journey, from the driver’s residence and return, however long the appointment takes. Where possible we try to get a driver as close as possible to the passenger’s home. Drivers will wait for a passenger for up to one hour for the return journey.


Phone: 725241 Ext 5227
Email: carservice@healthconnections.gg

Headway Guernsey members are delighted to be able to use Health Connections Volunteer drivers scheme. Philippa Stahelin, Headway’s Executive Director says.

“ Most of our members are unable to drive following their serious brain injury but desperately need to access services to prevent isolation. 3 members regularly use volunteer drivers during the week, which means they no longer have to pay for taxis and, more importantly, they find that the drivers are polite, friendly and patient. Some describe them as becoming a new friend, someone who understands their issues and makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. From a charity point of view, we see how much happier our members are for being picked up by people they know and have formed a friendship with. They are an amazing group of people and we love them!”

Philippa Stahelin, Headway, Executive Director