Walking football is like the game you love, played in a new way. It is a unique small-sided ball game similar in some respects to Association Football. In Guernsey we are a mixed group of enthusiastic people who provide a great recreational facility on the island. Why not join us for fun, friendship and fitness?

Walking football can help people lose weight, help prevent loneliness and positively affect overall mental and physical health.  Walking football has become increasingly popular over the last few years – and for good reason. Aimed at adults over 50 (although age inclusive), walking football has social, mental and physical health benefits.

Play Walking Football with us at KGV on their 3G pitch.

Winter Schedule 2020/21

Wednesday 12:00 – 13:00/13:30 – Beginners and returning players from injury + Health Connection/GP referrals.

Thursday18:00 – 19:00 Social Session (all age groups and genders welcome) 

Sunday 08:45 – 10:00 Social Session (all age groups and genders welcome) 

Summer Schedule 2021 (to be finalised early 2021)

Going forward we are also addressing the playing age groups from U50’s, 50+ 60+ 65+ 70+ 75+ all in line with the WFA guidelines (there is provision for local rules) ie: players from different age groups playing up or down exactly as we do on Sundays, so that part doesn’t change what we have at the moment.