The Tovertafel is a magic table that creates moments of happiness for people living with dementia. The table casts interactive light projections that entice children, adults and older people to get moving and have fun together.

Tovertafel games have been designed specifically for people with varying stages of dementia, and they can be played both individually and in groups. Light animations are projected onto a table; as players reach out towards them, the lights respond to their hand and arm movements. The games include gardening, fishing, and popping bubbles.

If you’d like to use the Tovertafel, email Jackie Burgess on or call 720392 to arrange a time to suit you.

The installation of the Tovertafel at the Community Library was funded by Dementia Friendly Guernsey.

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Address: La Nouvelle Maraitaine, Rue Maraitaine, Vale, GY3 5QD

Phone: 01481 720392

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