Community Signposting Support

Community Connectors are NOT volunteers but Active Citizens who help friends, family, colleagues and neighbours find a new activity or a support group to help them live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

With additional safeguarding training they can volunteer alongside a member of the Health Connections team in our network of Talking Cafes or with groups and organisations in the community to help people find support, activities and information that can benefit their health and well-being listed on the Health Connections directory.

How a Community Connector can support you.

A conversation with a Community Connector can help you:

  • Improve your sense of well being
  • Meet more people in your community
  • Feel less lonely
  • Feel part of your community
  • Find activities you enjoy
  • Find information and support on the Health Connections Directory
  • Remain as independent as possible

Why do we need Community Connectors?

There are great opportunities in our community but sometimes people don’t know about them. The more people there are that know about the support that is available in the community, the more we can all support each other.

Become a Community Connector

Would you like yourself or someone you live with or care for or even work with to be more connected to support?