Everyday SHEN practitioners (all over the world) work with people who want more from life. If your feelings are stopping you from enjoying life, from moving forward, or even if you find difficulty expressing or even feeling, SHEN is for you. SHEN Therapy has spectacular results, resolving emotional conflicts, grief and trauma. Common issues SHEN treats are low self esteem, guilt, depression, grief and anxiety. You will likely feel clarity and peace – even after the first session.

Joanne Henton is a Certified SHEN Therapist (by the International SHEN Therapy Association) and has worked with many different clients in Guernsey since 2014 with many different issues. Joanne is the only SHEN Therapy practitioner in the Channel Islands.

From children to the elderly SHEN works by a hands-on treatment, encouraging your natural ‘Qi’ flow with the energy flow between the practitioner’s hands. It combines science and ancient healing to give a cutting edge treatment for all emotional issues and also for unexplained physical pain (where the cause is buried emotions – ‘physio-emotional’).

The results I have consistently had with SHEN Therapy are long lasting/permanent shifts – and this feature of the Therapy is why I chose to specialise in it. The training was in London, Ireland and Bewdley and subsequent mentoring for a total of 4 years.


If you would like to book an initial SHEN relaxation session at my home in Queen’s Road, St Peter Port, or a complimentary phone consultation contact me and we can arrange a convenient time for both of us. At the end of your first session we can discuss your needs. SHEN can be taken as a single one hour session, a double session of two hours where you have a break in between, a series of weekly sessions or an intensive.


During a SHEN session you recline, fully clothed, on a special SHEN ‘cradle.’ As your practitioner places his or her hands on different areas of your body, you may feel tingles or other sensations as you relax into a meditative-like state. You may re-experience forgotten painful pivotal events from earlier in your life, but probably not in the first session. You will likely feel the emotions of these events as they surface and leave, but in a way you can easily handle. There will be little talking and no ‘dialog.’

SHEN is a gentle approach. Unlike some methods, SHEN does not shock you into recall so the pain of discovery is far easier to handle. And, because the Qi flows between your practitioner’s hands continue drawing out emotion, the remaining emotion is lessening all the time. To find out more about what SHEN therapy is, please visit https://shenguernsey.com/shen-explained/

Confidentiality: My work is confidential. I follow the guidelines of the International SHEN Therapy Association.

If you would like to make an appointment or find out more about our SHEN Sessions or Retreats, please call or email Joanne.

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Cost: £65 per hour session

Age: All Ages

Phone: 07911 766838

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