Welcome to Health Connections recently launched community project:

The Invisible Occupation….Our Islands’ Lockdown Journal.

Here you can download the Press Release and the How to Get Started documents that will give you everything you need to know about how to participate. It’s been very exciting to see how this has captured people’s imaginations and emotions and we’ve already had some amazing feedback and the most enormous variety of ideas from all ages.

Health Connections works with people who live in isolation all the time. Perhaps because of frailty, disability, poverty or long term chronic conditions including physical or mental health issues….there can be a myriad of reasons. Nowadays, the whole community is learning about how this must feel and better understanding the loneliness and challenges that come with being in isolation. We feel that capturing the thoughts and feelings that people have in lockdown will serve to remind us all what it is like for those who will continue to live in isolation long after we all return to a busier pace of life.

However, we also hope that people find opportunities in the current circumstances that allow them to look afresh at what matters to them, making the most of a pause in the usual hectic race to adapt and recalibrate. Perhaps also to look for support beyond these times should they need it, enabling them to live healthier, happier more fulfilling lives in the long term, which is the core mission of Health Connections.

We expect this project to have considerable value/impact both historically and socially and ultimately help encourage a more compassionate community for those who live with long term isolation.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Kate Bridges.