Cold water swimming has long been shown to offer significant health benefits, and now, more scientific evidence is emerging showing the physical, mental and emotional improvements to those who take the plunge regularly.

Here are just some of the benefits swimming all year round on the shores of our beautiful island can provide (Source) :

1. It boosts your immune system by boosting the white blood cell count. 
2. It gives you a natural high by activating the release of endorphins.
3. It improves your circulation by flushing your veins, arteries and capillaries.
4. It increases your libido by boosting oestrogen and testosterone production.
5. It burns calories by making your heart pump faster in colder water.
6. It reduces stress by training your body to become calm and relaxed under the stress of cold water.
7. It is a great way of socialising and making new friends by bringing together people to face a challenge and share in the experience!

Guernsey Swim All Seasons is a local community of swim enthusiasts of all abilities who aim to take dips all the year round, no matter the season. You can join their Facebook group to connect with a swim buddy, share your stories and photos or join in group swims.

All Guernsey swimmers, whether you swim all year round, or want encouragement to swim the winter for the first time, are welcome to join the group. Here you can find a swim buddy or just show fantastic moments of your swim. Swimming all year is great for mental health, it’s a feeling you cannot explain, you need to experience it for yourself.

To read the Press article on how the group got started, follow this link.

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