In response to the continued extension of Guernsey’s lockdown, Daniel White is back with the Sleep Better Live Better sleep training programme, but this time FREE to the public via a two-part Zoom webinar.

Guernsey’s second COVID-19 lockdown has brought about a lot of stress for many of us, and, as a result, our collective sleep quality as well as mental and physical health has taken a hammering. More of us than ever are struggling to get to sleep, stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling like we’ve had a good night’s rest. I don’t need to tell you that how you sleep impacts your health, happiness, performance, productivity and overall well-being.

Sleep is the most important cornerstone of health.

If you aren’t sleeping well, the chances are that you’re feeling the poor mental and physical health impacts. Put simply, I believe there has never been a more important time in your life to take an active interest in learning how to sleep better. 

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces on each webinar are capped at 100
** Register as soon as possible to secure your space **
Please only register if you are able to attend, or make sure to cancel if you can no longer attend so that you do not take up a valuable space that someone may desperately need.

I’ll be providing access to an online recording of this session for those who can’t attend live. If you would like access to the recording only then please email me ( and don’t register for the webinar


Session 1 – Sunday 21st February 16:00 – 17:30
Join me for the first 90-minute webinar where I’m going to teach you the basics of sleep and what you need to know to help you to wind down, relax and start sleeping better. I’ll be touching on:

* An introduction to sleep and your circadian rhythms
* How we slept throughout evolution 
* How hormonal rhythms impact your sleep and wellness
* How light exposure impacts your sleep and circadian rhythms
* How what you eat and when you eat it impacts sleep
* How exercise type, timing and intensity impacts sleep
* How temperature influences your sleep
* How caffeine impacts your sleep and how to create a better relationship with caffeine
* How technology impacts sleep and what you can do to fix this
* How the way you breathe is the key to relaxing into a deeper sleep
* 10 key steps you can take to support healthy sleep and circadian rhythms

You’ll get the chance to absorb a lot of information that can help you to start sleeping better (right now) and I’ll also be giving plenty of time to answer as many questions as I can about your personal sleep challenges or any other interests you have in this area.

Session 2 – Sunday 28th February 16:00 – 17:15
Join me for the second 75-minute webinar where I’ll guide you through 10 steps to create your personal plan for better sleep. This plan will help you to build upon and put into practice all of the information that you’ll be introduced to during the first session, although it is not necessary to have attended the first session to sign up for this webinar. This session will include an exploration of practical relaxation techniques and how to create the ideal morning, daytime and evening routines to achieve the best quality sleep possible.