The TRC Therapy Centre in Guernsey has been open for 2 years, providing individual therapy sessions to children and young people who have experienced trauma and also running parenting groups to support their parents/carers.

Children are referred to us either from other agencies or by their parents and we provide a tailored programme to best suit where they are at and the challenges they are facing.

The parents/carers follow a course specifically designed  for parents of traumatised children to enable them to develop more positive parenting strategies. This joint approach enables the work with  children to be more effective.

Children come to the TRC after experiencing a range of experiences from loss, family break up, bullying and bereavement to neglect, domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, or human trafficking.

If left unprocessed these traumatic experiences affect the child’s daily life as they are left to cope with symptoms including anxiety, depression, nightmares, panic attacks, being withdrawn, angry outbursts, behavioural challenges, self-harm, eating problems and day dreaming. These symptoms lead to the child experiencing further difficulties at school, at home and with peers. The effects of trauma can be crippling and long-lasting, preventing children from achieving their potential, developing resilience, and living happy and fulfilling lives.


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Age: Children and Young People aged 3 - 25

Location: Church on the Rock, St Sampson

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