The List is your guide to embracing local and living life well.

Our mission is…

  • to inspire you to make your health and wellbeing a priority
  • to encourage you to spend quality time with family and friends 
  • to enjoy the special moments in the everyday
  • to get the most out of local life

We wanted to create a high quality local lifestyle site that has global appeal. In the busy modern lifestyle, we all wear too many hats throughout the day and we know what it is like to put yourself at the bottom of the list (no pun intended!). We also know that you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you place focus on your own health, fitness and mindset then everything else falls into place.

Our focus is on… 

  • health, happiness and wellbeing
  • getting the most out of life
  • spending quality time with family and friends
  • embracing local business and offerings
  • living life well

We believe in… 

  • making luxury a part of everyday life
  • investing in your health and wellbeing
  • celebrating local businesses
  • building strong community relationships
  • providing you with quality content of value

We are making your wellbeing a priority. And we are here to encourage you to do the same. From taking an extra 10 minutes to enjoy your morning coffee, to making the time to catch up with friends, to read a book, cook a nourishing meal or schedule in an online yoga class. Why not buy that special candle or cosy blanket if it’s going to elevate your everyday life with a touch of luxury? If it makes you happy, we want you to do it.

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Location: Guernsey

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