The Talking Café Charter

Talking Cafés enable people in the community to enjoy a social activity and provide an opportunity for people to be connected to support and information which enables them to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Our simple charter sets out how each café supports the Talking Café project.

  • Our café hosts a Talking Café at an agreed specific time in the week/month.

  • We will offer a warm and inclusive welcome.

  • We support easy access for all.

  • Health Connections provide a trained Community Connector on site for signposting to support and activities in the Community.

  • We display health and wellbeing information on notice boards or screens on our premises.

  • Our café will offer to host Community Support Groups free of charge with prior agreement.

  • Our café will offer to host events for speakers or workshops to support health and wellbeing with prior agreement.


Feel free to download out Talking Café Resources so that you can familiarise yourself with them.