Suicide Bereavement UK’s aim is to improve the care of those bereaved or affected by suicide and to help reduce the stigma that surrounds suicide bereavement. This is achieved by conducting research, educating professionals and informing policy and practice.

Suicide Bereavement UK (SBUK) values and embraces working with those with lived experience. This is reflected in all aspects of our work.

  • investing in and conducting suicide bereavement research
  • developing and delivering our evidence-based training
  • hosting an annual international suicide bereavement conference, where we bring those bereaved by suicide, those responsible for our care, academics and policy makers together in a spirit of collaboration.

We aim to:

  • Conduct research to advance understanding of the experiences and perceived needs of those bereaved or affected by suicide
  • Improve the care of those bereaved or affected by suicide
  • Reduce the stigma associated with suicide bereavement Inform policy and practice in suicide bereavement support

We achieve this through:

  • Educating professionals and the general public about suicide bereavement to help reduce stigma
  • Translating research conducted by Suicide Bereavement UK into evidence-based suicide bereavement training which is delivered nationally to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of professionals on how to respond to suicide-bereaved people
  • Sharing Suicide Bereavement UK’s research findings as widely as possible
  • Creating a hub where knowledge, expertise and good practice can be shared and disseminated through consultancy and the Suicide Bereavement UK international  annual suicide bereavement conference

Suicide Bereavement UK specialises in:

  • Suicide bereavement research
  • Consultancy in postvention (care of those bereaved by suicide)
  • Development and delivery of evidence-based suicide bereavement training
  • Hosting an annual international conference on suicide bereavement

Our team members are recognised leaders in suicide bereavement and have considerable experience working in this field.

Link to the national suicide bereavement report:

Link to key resources for those bereaved or affected by suicide:

Notifying agencies of a family member’s death is an extremely difficult, emotionally charged and labour intensive task for the bereaved.  Many are uncertain who to contact and where to start.

In an attempt to address this unmet need, Suicide Bereavement UK have developed a death notification form for the bereaved, which provides a list of organisations that they many need to (or wish to) notify & nbsp; It has been deliberately designed so that it can be used/offered to anyone who is bereaved, regardless of the cause of death.

This downloadable document is free for all to print and use and is available below:

Suicide Bereavement UK have commissioned Jenny Berry to write two poems about suicide bereavement, to open and close their international conference and to help people understand the vulnerability and needs of those bereaved/affected by suicide.

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