Due to his personal early life experiences struggling with poor sleep and its associated mental and physical health challenges, it was always the wish of Sleep Better Live Better’s founder, Daniel White, to launch a non-profit entity that could pursue the development of educational materials and science-led inteventions to support the sleep of children, adolescents and young adults.

In 2021, the Sleep Better Live Better Foundation was registered with the aim to provide evidence-based education and tools that can support the health and wellbeing of our community through achieving better sleep.

The foundation’s main focus is to highlight and address core issues affecting children’s and adolescents’ sleep through the promotion of research-backed education and other interventions that have been scientifically validated as having positive impacts on sleep health, growth, development and overall wellbeing.

Work of the foundation

During the winter school term of 2021, our foundation performed their first community itervention, a pilot research study within Guernsey Grammar School where data was gathered from 58 people (14-16 year old students and teaching staff) who were provided amber lens nighttime blue light blocking glasses whilst reporting on changes and impacts on their sleep and wellbeing.

Our pilot intervention demonstrated overwhelmingly positive and statistically significant outcomes accross all variables, including:

↑ Improvements in sleep quality, sleep consistency and sleep satisfaction

↑ Improvements in next day alertness

↓ Reductions in sleep-related stress and anxiety

Pioneering world-leading research

As a result of the 2021 pilot study findings, we’re now fundraising and developed partnerships with key stakeholders, including Guernsey Educational Psychology Department and the island’s educational institutions, to develop a larger scale research intervention that will see up to 1100 adolescents within Guernsey’s schools equipped with nighttime blue light blocking glasses and sleep-related education in January 2023.

As part of our plans to generate world-leading research research through this project we’ve partnered up a world-leading univeristy to help us research measure imapact.

In addition to the blue light blocking glasses intervention, we’re also fundraising to develop and deliver sleep education materials for students, staff and parents as part of continued health and wellbeing interventions into 2023 and beyond.

Can you support our foundation?

The Sleep Better Live Better Foundation is seeking support in various forms, whether financial or knowledge-based.

We encourage contact from any individual, group or organsation who wishes to either pledge their backing or participate in any of the the foundation’s interventions.

Any correspondence relating to the work of the foundation should be directed to Daniel White (Chairman) via email dan@sleepbetterlivebetter.co.uk or telephone 07781 416301.

The Sleep Better Live Better Foundation is a Guernsey-based non-profit organisation that is registered with the Guernsey Registry (NP295) and the Association of Guernsey Charities.

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Phone: 07781 416301

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