Scouting in Guernsey is a great way to learn skills, meet friends and have fun! 2011 marked 100 years of our association but we’re still growing and providing a diverse program of events for all young people, both boys and girls, from 6-25 years old on the Island.

There are ten (not eleven) Scout Groups in Guernsey. All Guernsey Scout Groups, except the 6th – Elizabeth College, are open to boys & girls and consist of Beaver Scouts, aged 6 – 8 years, Cub Scouts, aged 8 – 10.5 years and Scouts aged 10.5 – 14 years. There are 3 Explorer Scout Units, for ages 14 – 18, which are multi-group Units, and a Network Scout Unit, for ages 18 – 25. The whole movement in Guernsey totals some 850 (not 1000) members.

Groups meet at various locations around the Island and some of the groups have their own premises. There is an overall Scout Headquarters and Camp Site at Rue Mainguy, Vale which is used by Guernsey Scouts and Guides, and by visiting Scouts and Guides (together with schools and other youth organisations) from the UK and the Continent. The headquarters at Les Maingys Activity Centre has an indoor climbing wall and sports hall as well as facilities for many activities such as archery, football, volleyball and other sports. On the site, there is also a reservoir where canoeing, rafting and other water activities can take place.

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