The Ron Short Centre is run by a local charity called the Guernsey Society for Physically Disabled People.  Our services are directed towards those with physical and/or sensory impairments.

We host regular social events on site, as well as organising events off-site. We provide assisted employment and work rehabilitation, a grocery shopping bus service from door to shop and back, as well as other social services to help local and visiting people with disabilities.

Assisted employment:
Tuesdays from 1000 to 1600
Wednesdays from 1000 to 1500
Thursdays 1000 to 1600
Fridays from 1000 to 1200[Days and hours vary from member to member]

Shopping bus:
Tuesday mornings [St Sampson’s Co-op] Friday mornings [St Martin’s Co-op]

Social afternoons from 1400 to 1600:
Mondays [ladies and gentlemen] Tuesdays [ladies] Thursdays [gentlemen]

Social evening:
Tuesdays from 1900 to 2100.

Occasional Social events:
Are advertised to members and posted on facebook/twitter.

All of our social events are child-friendly unless otherwise stated.

Mobility Aids/Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle:
We can, on occasion, loan mobility aids and/or a wheelchair accessible vehicle to locals and visitors with short term needs.


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