I will guide you through an 8 week Mindfulness course, which includes both “formal” and “informal” meditation practices, designed to help participants cultivate a skill we all have: present moment awareness. This is a useful tool you can carry with you long after the course has finished.

The course structure is fluid but broadly is as follows:

Week 1: Introducing Mindfulness

Week 2: Exploring our Perceptions and our Relationship to Stress

Week 3: Being Fully Present – Breath and Movement Awareness

Week 4: What is Stress and How do we Respond to it?

Week 5: Responding More Effectively to Stress

Week 6: Mindfulness and Communication

Silent Practice Morning: An opportunity for a longer period of practice and reflection in silence

Week 7: Taking Better Care of Ourselves

Week 8: Your Mindfulness Beyond Week 8 – Keeping it Going