Health Connections has a mission to ensure that all people in the Bailiwick are connected to support and information that helps them live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.
Their online directory of support is sponsored by Specsavers.
Health Connections wants to ensure that people can access this support easily.
Their Voluntary Car Service takes people to support that matters to them. This may be to medical or other appointments, which support their health and well-being. However, it may also include transport to an activity, support group, course, library, airport (If you are going off island for treatment or care), visit a relative or friend in hospital or a care home or even do some shopping.
This Directory to Doorstop service is invaluable to many people of all ages who cannot drive themselves, use buses or have a friend or family member available to drive them. It aids people’s independence and keeps people socially connected.
Health Connections Voluntary drivers collectively did more than 3000 journeys last year! One driver, David Grimshaw, said,

“Twelve years ago I replied to a request for Voluntary Car Drivers.
I was to find that it is not just about taking ill, elderly and vulnerable people to their appointments at the hospital and doctors surgeries – often I may be the only person they have spoken to for days.
I get a good feeling doing this and it is a truly interesting and rewarding way to help others.
I know that I can drive as much (or as little) as I want which makes it easy to fit in with my other activities.
Hopefully, I will be driving for some time yet!

If you would like to become a Voluntary Car Driver with Health Connections please email their CEO or meet her for a chat about how you can support their work or use their services.
To find out more about Health Connections see
Health Connections would like to thank HSC, The John Ramplin Trust and The Lottery for supporting their Voluntary Car Service.