Humankind is a Guernsey registered charity that aims to provide practical support specifically to men in toxic relationships, on the basis that we believe a distinct male-orientated approach is required. It aims to gather statistics and campaign to raise awareness of the extent of the problem and different types of behaviour that constitute abuse, such as: emotional or financial, demeaning behaviour, coercive control or threats (such as violence, self-harm or to prevent or restrict access to children) and for the equal treatment of male victims of such abuse.

We strongly believe that our help and support will assist men immensely and reduce the extremely high suicide rate caused by such issues. There is currently no provision of a permanent refuge for men on the Island, which is something we ultimately aim to resolve.

Humankind as a domestic abuse charity aims to:

  1. Support and assist male victims of domestic abuse, including by providing refuge.
  2. Provide counselling to male victims of domestic abuse, but also to perpetrators and co-perpetrators of such abuse with a view to reducing the future incidence of such abuse.
  3. Campaign for equality and the equal treatment of all victims of domestic abuse, whatever their gender, and the fair provision of support (financial and otherwise) by the States of Guernsey.
  4. Gather and collate statistics on domestic abuse in Guernsey.
  5. Raise funds for the provision of such support, counselling, refuge, administrative work and for the carrying out of such campaigning.

By offering confidential services to male victims, and taking a unique approach in encouraging them to report abuse, we would hope to enable an accurate picture of domestic male abuse on the Island to be formed and to help individuals who might otherwise not receive it.

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Location: We meet people in whatever location is most convenient at the time

Phone: 0 333 555 5555 which is charged at local rate

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