Canine Behaviour Guernsey is a business formed in 2017 and is owned by Anna Jane Brehaut. She practices and advocates only the latest and modern techniques of training and behaviour modification and does so with the dog’s relationship with its owner at the forefront of her mind. Focusing on a ‘hands off’ approach, Anna’s training and modification programmes are tailored to the individual, concentrating on motivation and positive reinforcement techniques. Her methods move far away from old-fashioned techniques, which use negative force and physical punishment.

The company’s motto represents what Anna is all about – teaching our pups how we would like them to behave using kindness and understanding.


One-to-one puppy training 

We offer single puppy sessions as well as puppy training packages. All sessions involve owner participation. These sessions will assist with teaching basic commands as well as helping you with common puppy issues such as play-biting, jumping up and pulling on the lead. Owners will also be advised to also take their puppies to a puppy class to allow their dog to socialise.

  • Puppy training session, one hour, £45
  • Puppy package, four one-hour sessions, £160
  • Puppy package, six one-hour sessions, £210
  • Puppy package, eight one-hour sessions, £250

Puppy & Beginner Life Skills Classes.Canine Behaviour Guernsey is also pleased to offer puppy and beginner training classes. Our classes centre around life skills learning, using positive reinforcement techniques. Class numbers are kept small to ensure the training environment is conducive for all learners. The cost is currently £70 for the six-week course, which is held at 6pm on Thursdays. Please get in touch to book your place on the next available start date. Why Does My Puppy..? Seminar The Why Does My Puppy..? Seminar takes place around three times a year. It is a two-hour interactive presentation and talk about why puppies behave the way they do and what you can do to help. It is a puppy-free event designed to allow owners the chance to sit down, concentrate and ask questions. You will learn more about  the canine brain, their physiology and how the world works for them. Being able to understand your puppy is key to building a successful relationship and bond with them. Please get in touch to register your interest for the next seminar date. 

Behaviour Modification

Dogs with specific behavioural problems and needs will have to ​undergo an initial consultation and assessment prior to any training package. This is to ensure that we get the behavioural modification training and support right for the dog from the beginning, considering all of their needs. 
Follow-up packages are available and will vary based on the individual dog’s needs and the severity of the problem. Please get in touch to discuss your concerns and we can advise on a package to suit you.  

  • ​An initial consultation and assessment for one dog ,including follow-up report, £80.
  • An initial consultation and assessment for two dogs, including follow-up report, £100. 
  • ​Follow-up consultations vary as above

One-to-one life-skills training, walks and activities

Our one-to-one life skills training, walks and activities require owner participation. Training, walks and activities are tailored to the individual and include advice and support for those wishing to work on aspects such as lead-walking, recall and socialisation skills . Packages are available as well as individual sessions. 

  • Training walk or activity, one hour, £45 
  • Training walk and activities package, four one-hour sessions, £160 
  • Training walks and activities package, six one-hour sessions, £210
  • Training walks and activities package, eight one-hour sessions, £250

Intermediate & Puppy Grad Life Skills Class 

This class is for those who have had some puppy or beginner training previously and want to move onto the next level. Focusing on developing those life skills and tightening up your cues, these classes will help improve your dog’s impulse control and help you to understand how your dog learns. The sessions will help you develop your relationship with your dog as you also gain more of an insight into what your dog is trying to tell you. The class is a six-week course packed full of fun and activity. 

Class numbers are kept small to make sure the training environment is conducive to everyone’s learning. They are currently held at 7pm on a Thursday evening.  Please get in touch to register for the next class. 

Advanced Life Skills Class

For those who have completed the Intermediate & Puppy Grad Course and want to continue life-skills training. With this class, we aim to continue to build on life skills and cues and aim to go out and about in public, building distractions. We look at how play can build your relationship with your dog and start to delve a little deeper into scentwork. Please get in touch to register your interest for the next class.CBG Rules Of Recall Seminar & Workshop – Coming soon!We are planning to host a one-day

CBG Rules of Recall seminar and workshop this May, Covid-19 restrictions permitting. 

The day will be split between a sit-down seminar to learn and discuss the theory behind recall training and an afternoon of practical coaching. 
Drop us an inbox message or email for more information and to register your interest!

Scentwork & Detection

Canine Behaviour Guernsey is delighted to now be able to offer scentwork and detection training to pet dogs in the island. Through this type of training, we can help improve a dog’s quality of life through providing them with an outlet to use what is often referred to as their sixth sense – their very powerful nose.  

Our scentwork and detection classes are held by both Anna and Sam, who are both qualified WSDA Blue Training Instructors and qualified City & Guilds Scent Detection Dog Handlers. One-to-one scentwork and detection training is also available for those dogs who are unable to attend classes due to reactivity or anxiety issues. 

For more information or to apply for our scentwork and detection classes or sessions please get in touch!

Agility & Fitness

Interested in taking part in some agility and fitness training but don’t want to compete? Then our Fun Agility & Fitness Classes are just for you!

At Canine Behaviour Guernsey, we know just how important it is that our pets stay fit and healthy and agility and fitness training can really help us keep them that way. Agility and fitness work also provides an outlet for mental stimulation and is an activity that is enjoyed by both dog and owner. 

Our sessions are devised around building strength, conditioning and stamina rather than speed-focused. Fun Agility & Fitness Classes are held outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. They are usually held on a Tuesday evening and run in six-week blocks. For more information or to enquire about availability then please get in touch.

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