Please click on the highlighted links below to read more and download onto your device. Most apps are offered across Apple and Android devices.

Zoom – the video-conferencing app that has seen a huge rise in downloads since quarantines were imposed around the world, is now being used by millions for work and social gatherings.

House Party – is popular among teens and adults as it free and allows users to chat simultaneously with up to 8 other people. When you use the app, your friends will be alerted that you are available to video chat, or that you are “in the house”.

Teams – Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides global, remote, and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. It’s most useful for businesses and utilises features like document collaboration, one-on-one chat and team meetings.

Jackbox Games – Interactive party games that players can control from their smartphone, tablet, or browser. You don’t have to be a gamer to understand how to play Jackbox – most games are quick to play, easy to understand, and rely on a player’s cleverness and humour to win, rather than reflexes.

Netflix Party – Allows users to simultaneously (and remotely) stream a movie or series together – as if you were going to the movies or having movie night at your home – while letting you live chat about what’s going on. It’s free and works as a Google Chrome extension on laptops and desktops.

Marco Polo – Marco Polo lets you send video messages to your loved ones which they can open during their free time. There is no limit on the video length and you can’t send a video unless you have their phone number, so don’t worry about random videos popping in your inbox. If you don’t have time to video chat when your friend does, drop in a video when you can and watch what they’re up to during your free time!

HeyTell – Short messages to your pals just a lot more meaningful with HeyTell. It allows you to send personal voice messages to your friends (almost like a walkie talkie). Leave a personal note for your friends before sleeping or while you’re missing them but in your own voice.

Quarantine Chat – Quarantine chat matches you with any random person from the world on a toll-free call. While talking to friends and family is always an option, the feeling of meeting new people has been lost in isolation. Make new friends, get to know people and learn interesting stories of people across the world.

Bunch – Bunch is a group video chat app for multiplayer games. It allows you to join up with friends over video, and jump into multiplayer games together. It’s just like a virtual gathering, with games you can play with friends.

Fight List – A trivia game app to play with friends or family while stuck in isolation. You’ll be given a category and in 40 seconds have to come up with as many words as possible that are associated with it. With over 1000 different themes, the aim of the game is finding more answers than your opponent to win the match.

Skype – Skype is a popular instant video messaging app which allows you to send free live voice or video messages to family and friends from anywhere. It is available for download to desktops, tablets and smartphones. Group chats and conference calls are also available.

Signal – Signal is your alternative to WhatsApp; a safe, encrypted messaging service with all the usual features you’d expect. It uses the Internet to send one-to-one and group messages, which can include files, voice notes, images and videos.

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