With the growing pressures on women to be everything to everyone, as well as the constant bombardment of images of perfection on social media sites, we want women to stand up and say, actually, “I’m not perfect. And I am ok with that”.

We have recently launched our latest mental health campaign and this time we are aiming it at women. Last year our SMS Campaign rallied the community to support men, encourage them to open up, and to Stop Male Suicide. This year it’s the women’s turn.

Of course, we already have a head start over the men…. Talking about our feelings is, generally, something most of us are happy to do even if it’s just with our closest friends. The problem though, is the expectation we put on ourselves, or that society puts on us, to be perfect.

The perfect mum, the perfect wife, the perfect employee, the perfect friend, perfect hair, perfect make up, perfectly….. happy. But why? Why do we need to be all these things? It’s tiring!

It’s time we all stop. Look at all the amazing things we achieve on a daily basis. No matter how big or how small. Whether you simply managed to get up and get dressed today. Or whether you closed a deal which secures you a promotion. Or if you didn’t give your kids fruit for breakfast and allowed them to watch TV all morning because you’re exhausted and need a break…. Who cares?

Whatever you do, whatever you achieve, you are enough and it’s actually really empowering to say “I’m not perfect, and I’m ok with that”.

There is no way to be a perfect woman, but there are a million ways to be a good one. Women Matter.

NEW! Community Support Group for women

If you’re feeling the pressure you might like to hear about our new community support group for women. Women Matter will be a space for women to just talk or just listen, in a similar way to our successful Man Club groups. In everyday life it’s rare to find a space where you can talk openly without the other person trying to fix your problems or applying judgement. Women Matter is an opportunity to share experiences about the common issues that women face.

The group will be launching in November. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for up to date information as we confirm details.

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