Wild Roots Veg Farm are a team of regenerative vegetable farmers working towards cultivating an abundance of food to provide our local community here in Guernsey.

​Through weaving together culture, ecology and spirituality, we are committed to creating a flourishing space where plants, people and creatures alike can thrive, and to contribute toward creating a holistic food system.  We honour the relationship between seed and human beings, acknowledging the need to care for one another.  

We believe that natural food to should be accessible to everybody and should not be at the detriment to other species, but rather contribute towards a harmonious ecosystem that empowers us and other beautiful creatures.  

Many indigenous peoples of the world say that we are borrowing the seeds we sow from our children, and so it is our duty to nourish them and ensure that they are in good condition for future generations.  This wisdom is rooted in everything that we do at Wild Roots.


  • To transform an overgrown site of derelict greenhouses into a thriving growing space, producing organic fruit and vegetables for the local people of Guernsey.
  • To create a space for education, where people of all ages, abilities and belief systems can learn about plants and food systems.
  • To create opportunities for people to use the space and to volunteer in ways that enrich the community and the environment.
  • To contribute towards creating a more holistic food system, and to bring awareness to the importance this issue.


We are currently undertaking the very first steps in regenerating an area of derelict, overgrown greenhouses into a space where a myriad of species of plants can flourish. Amongst other things, this involves many hours pulling up weeds the height of small people and removing shards of broken grass and other junk from the soil. Hard work we can assure you, but joyful nonetheless!

When the land is cleared and ready, we will move onto planting cover crops – put simply, these are plants whose sole purpose is to add nutrients to the soil and improve its structure – they will not be harvested for food. Taking more than we give back, is detrimental to the entire ecosystem (including ourselves!), which is why we take steps such as this one. 


This is a massive project! Any and all help is greatly appreciated, the more man power the better! After all, creating community is a huge part of why we have created Wild Roots. If you wish to know more about what we are up to and how you can get involved, please give us a call, send us an email, or come and have a cup of tea with us.

To find out more about Wild Roots Veg Farm, please get in touch with us or visit our website.

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