Imagine lacing up your trainers, shouting out to your partner that you’re ‘just heading off for a quick run’. You step out into the fresh air, leaving the stresses of the day and responsibilities behind. This is your time. You look around at all the beauty, you feel your heart pumping and you remember how lucky you are, it puts things into perspective and you notice a smile across your face. You feel free and even though your body is being challenged physically, you feel relaxed for the first time that day. 30 minutes later, you return home to your family feeling energised, happy and proud of yourself for taking that time to look after your body and mind. 

Being a ‘runner’ doesn’t mean smashing PBs and competing in races (although it can do if that’s what you’re into!), it just simply means being able and confident to run for however long you feel like running. So let’s start with getting you from 0k to 5k!

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Cost: £249 or 3 payments of £90 (just £2.96 per day!)

Location: Sausmarez Park and Pembroke

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