Vivienne Alexa is a plant based health coach, co-founder of Plantier and co-author of From Plant To Planet, helping people discover ways to live, move and eat more consciously. Vivienne works with clients to make sustainable changes (that they love!) to achieve long-term transformation.


Bespoke health coaching
Most of the time we know what we should be doing to keep ourselves happy and healthy but life gets in the way. Taking action on your own can be tough, I’m here to help and support you reconnect with you by making small changes that lead to big transformation.

PB&J (plant-based & joy)
Have you watched a Netflix documentary or read about the many amazing benefits of a plant-based lifestyle but not sure how or where to start? I can help navigate the ingredients and recipes to find meals that you (and your family) will love.

Groups & organisations
Tailored to the needs of your business, organisation or team, I offer talks and workshops on a range of topics. From healthy habits to sustainable food choices, I offer practical tips and tools to create positive change for both people and planet.

Style coaching
Knowing the cuts, colours and shapes that fit and flatter your natural body shape, allows you to dress with ease and confidence. I can help you identify your perfect style, declutter your wardrobe and help you make the most of your favourite clothes.

Bespoke health coaching

Made for you, designed by you. Yes, you read it right! You know you better than anyone else, and believe it or not, you have all the answers within. I’m here to help you discover and connect to them. Drawing on years of personal experience, studying and an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge (and delicious recipes), I can share with you tips, tools and techniques to help you embed small changes that add up to long-term transformation. This bespoke programme can be broken down into three simple but powerful steps.

01 — Free health coaching session

Let’s get to know each other! How are you feeling right now? What is your #1 health goal? How do you want to feel? These are some some of the questions we’ll explore in your free one-hour health coaching session. How often do you get chance to stop, breath and really focus on you? I suspect not very often, as you’re too busy taking care of business. So, this is your time!

02 — Building firm foundations

Would you ever start a new journey without first checking a map (old school paper one or phone app, whatever you prefer) to see where you’re going? No way, do I hear you say? It’s the same when it comes to your health and wellness goals. We dig dip to find what’s important to you and what motivates you, to uncover what you really want to achieve. I take a whole-person approach, so we look beyond just food and exercise.

03 — Let the journey begin

We meet regularly in person, or online, to uncover the small, manageable changes you can take to lead you towards your long-term goals. We all know that life happens, now more than ever! So, we meet over 12 sessions to ride the highs and the lows, to celebrate every success and to find strategies to get back on track or revisit your goals.

To find out more about other services or how Vivienne can support you in finding your recipe for health and happiness, building sustainable habits that will benefit you and the planet – contact her directly or book a free health coaching session.

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Cost: Free 1 hour health coaching session

Phone: 07968 355992

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