We Work To Regenerate Soil

We believe that healthy soil supports a healthy environment, healthy food systems and healthy people.

At the Soil Farm, we educate, assist and inspire growers, gardeners, and conscious land owners to reconnect with nature so they can create bountiful, nutritious green spaces that enhance and protect our corner of the planet. 

How We Can Help


We work closely with our clients to understand the condition of their existing landscape through a range of testing and visual observations.  We define goals and objectives, working towards these through the application of regenerative principles.

Whether you manage a small back garden or larger scale farm,  if you are interested in learning more about applying regenerative principles to your landscape, get in touch to book an initial site visit, free of charge.


We employ a variety of composting systems to manage diverse, locally occurring waste streams.  Using this knowledge, we can help you to define practical and effective solutions for your own landscape management focused on regenerating Soil biology, reducing input costs and creating an ideal environment for plants.


Our small holding has produced an abundance of herbs, fruit and vegetables over the last few years for our family to enjoy, of course, sharing any surplus on our hedge veg. 

We have recently expanded to include no-dig, market garden style beds to produce even more nutrient dense food to share with our community.


We believe that Soil health needs to be talked about! Whether it be simple conversations, event presentation, talks in schools or bringing a world class Soil Scientist to the island, we are here to spread the word.

If your meeting or event might benefit from knowing more about soil function, get in touch

To find out how to get involved, please contact us directly via our website or social media channels.

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Phone: 07911 113673

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