Provides information and resources to help local people provide food and habitats for pollinators.

The Channel Island Pollinator Project aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the genuine contribution we can each make to the enhancement of biodiversity by providing food and habitats for pollinators.
  • Encourage the community to take action in their gardens, allotments, window boxes and balconies to make them pollinator-friendly.
  • Work with schools, business, sports facilities and community groups to establish pollinator patches throughout the Channel Island.
  • Persuade large-scale landowners, such as local governments, conservation organisations, utility companies, and managers of public and amenity spaces to plant flowers, shrubs, hedging and trees for pollinators as well as create and protect nesting habitats.
  • Discourage the use of pesticides in gardens and other open spaces.

The Pollinator Project was originally setup as a Société Guernesiaise initiative by Barry Wells and Vanessa Crispini-Adams in Guernsey in 2017. The project really captured the imagination of delegates during the 2018 Inter-Island Environment Meeting (IIEM), the theme of which was environmental partnership. Following the IIEM it was decided that the Pollinator Project was such a fantastic initiative that it should become a Channel Island project and be rolled out across the islands.

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