The Hope Choir is an all inclusive community choir which pledges to be a supportive safe space for people to meet and enjoy their love of music and singing. No audition necessary! It is a vibrant group of over 60 singers who perform at a wide variety of events while raising awareness of the importance of good mental health and well-being.

The choir was formed following a chance meeting between Albie Drillot, one of Guernsey Mind’s Mental Health Champions and one of the charity’s community project workers. Albie spoke about his vision to form a group of singers and within a week it had become a reality.

Guernsey Mind’s Jill Chadwick and Jo Cottell got behind the idea and musical director Glenn Drake completed the early line up which took the choir to where it is today. Word went out and Hope Singers found their first home at Bordeaux Mission.

There were only eight choir members back in September 2015 but it soon outgrew the Mission and moved to their current HQ at the Gateway Club on the Oberlands Site at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

The choir is now accompanied by pianist Allan Skirrow who works alongside new conductor Julia Jager, a private music teacher, who is helping keep the choir momentum going with ongoing new music and enthusiasm.

The choir aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and is made up of service users, health professionals, carers or those who simply enjoy singing and meeting friends in a relaxed and ‘supportive ‘community.

Hope Singers have performed at concerts at St James, Spurgeon Church, The Muratti and Rugby finals, fetes and community health shows and events. They were also a popular addition to the KPMG Castle Nights in 2017 and 2018. 

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