We all deserve better journeys

Leading the way on Sustainable Travel in Guernsey​. Guernsey’s Better Journeys Project has been set up as a community initiative to help people make a change for the better. 

​We know that by making small changes in our travelling habits we can make a big difference to our environment, our carbon footprint and our health and wellbeing.

​We know that Government has got to be responsible for the ‘big picture’ changes, but whilst lobbying for those changes our principal aim is to help individuals and organisations drive the change from the bottom up. We want to help them realise that our Guernsey journeys need not be ‘default car’, that other options like walking, cycling, taking the bus or sharing a lift, can be better. After all, buying and running a car is a major expense for the less well-off, so less costly alternatives will really help.

We also know, that to allow the Guernsey economy to grow within our limited island footprint, we need less reliance on single occupancy car journeys.

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