Sean Harvey is a registered MNCH (Reg) DIP Hypnotherapist and NLP & CBT Practitioner.

Hypnotherapy can help you make some fabulous and beneficial changes in your life and there is a significant body of evidence supporting the efficacy of the use of hypnosis in therapy to address a number of different symptoms and conditions.

Hypnosis is a natural process which allows an individual to focus more easily upon the words and suggestions of the therapist and less upon other less helpful thoughts and possible distractions. This makes it very useful when utilised in combination with therapeutic interventions to promote change where a client has a problem or objective which can be helped by altering the way that they think and how they process and react to situations.

Modern hypnosis has been used for therapeutic purposes since the late 19th century and is targeted at relieving symptoms or addressing behaviours, fears, phobias and habits. Clinical Hypnotherapy utilises deep relaxation.

Evidence suggests that deep relaxation can have many physiological and emotional benefits such as reducing stress, improving concentration and mood, lowering blood pressure and alleviating fatigue and much more.

Contrary to the common misconception that when in hypnosis you lose your control, hypnosis actually helps put you back in control .of your thoughts, physical and emotional sensations and of your behaviours.

During hypnosis sessions, you’ll learn techniques, resources and ideas for self-care and self-management. Hypnotherapy is delivered in a way to maximise the desired outcomes in the shortest possible time, usually 4-6 sessions. This makes it a very cost effective therapy. Hypnosis is safe and its effectiveness is supported by thousands of studies.

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