Are you lost, frustrated or disheartened with your health? Perhaps you’ve already tried changing your diet or taking a supplement but haven’t noticed any difference? Do you hope to feel well again, free from symptoms or pain and get back to feeling like you?

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, I support people on their health journey to wellness. I help unravel health histories, get to the root of the problem and connect the dots to help people get back to their best. I help empower and support the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes that have the ability to give people their health and life back.

My own ill health has allowed me to deepen my empathy and understand how difficult it can be to make changes. My philosophy is all about progress and not perfection and I’m here to support you every step of the way.

The right diet and lifestyle can change your life for the better – and that’s what I’m passionate about doing.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you. I offer a free call to anyone who is interested in working on their health. You’ll have the chance to discuss your health concerns and your health goals with someone who cares and has been there.

The most common reasons why people book a consultation with me include gut health, increasing energy, hormone imbalances, stress & anxiety, skin health and weight loss.

1-2-1 Consultations
The best way for me to help you reach your health goals is by working with you for a period of time. It is estimated that you need a month to recover for each year you have been unwell, so if you have been sick for a while, one or two sessions are unlikely to be enough. It can also take a little time to create healthy life-long habits and a new mindset around food, which is made easier by working together and having someone in your corner cheering you along.

I offer personalised health and wellbeing packages which run for 10 weeks; and are personalised to you, taking into account your goals and the level of support you require. I only take on a limited number of clients at anyone time to ensure I have enough time to commit to you and your health.

Workplace wellbeing
Providing evidenced-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that engage and motivate. My services are designed to help create a positive environment and provide your staff with the information they need to be happy and healthy. I offer simple, effective and practical strategies that cut out the jargon, allowing both your business and your staff to gain the maximum benefit. If you are committed to creating a healthy and happy workforce, get in touch, and we can discuss your business and workforce needs.

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