Sarah Thackeray is a massage therapist and reflexologist. She works in an holistic way, considering each client’s individual needs – physically, emotionally and energetically. She enjoys helping patients to achieve and maintain a balanced physical wellbeing

Holistic Massage can assist your recovery from injury or illness. It is also rejuvenating and restorative. A combination of bodywork techniques are used within each treatment in order to reinforce and enhance relaxation. Massage is beneficial to all and specialist treatments are available such as pregnancy, oncology, Indian head massage and seated massages.

Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that helps to balance the body’s systems and aid relaxation. Using a firm pressure on specific reflex areas on the feet or hands, it aims to stimulate the flow of energy through longitudinal zones of the body. Treatment can be beneficial for headaches, tension, digestive disorders, PMS etc.

Craniosacral Therapy(CST) is a natural way of helping our bodies to rest and recover after illness, injury or trauma. A gentle, non- invasive therapy stemming from osteopathy, it is suitable for all ages from babies to the elderly. Patients often feel a deep sense of relaxation and positive wellbeing after treatments.