Boots – Free Delivery can be arranged by calling St. John 742147.

  • 47-49, High Street, St Peter Port, GY1 2JT, tel. 723565.
  • 1 Bridge Terrace, Vale, GY3 5TD, tel. 244928.

Healthcare PharmaciesAre offering a free delivery service, please call to arrange.

  • St Martin’s Medical Centre, Les Camps du Moulin, St Martin’s, GY4 6DA, tel. 232999.
  • Rohais Medical Centre, Rohais, St Peter Port, GY1 1FF, tel. 726999. 
  • Cobo Medical Centre, Route de Carteret, Cobo, Castel, GY5 7HA, tel. 250999.
  • Waitrose Superstore, Admiral Park, St Peter Port, GY1 2AL, tel. 728840.

Pharmacy LocaleAre offering a free delivery service, please allow 24-48 hours notice.

  • 7, Commercial Arcade, St Peter Port, GY1 1LA, tel. 720174.
  • 2, Smith Street, St Peter Port, GY1 2JN, tel. 727476.
  • Queen’s Road Medical Practice, St Peter Port, GY1 1RH, tel. 725555.

St Martins Pharmacy are offering a £5 Delivery Service
1-2 Maison Bellieuse, Grande Rue, St Martin’s, GY4 6RR, tel. 237963.

Stonelakes Pharmacy – are offering a free service to the over 65’s and those self-isolating
2, The Bridge, St Sampson’s, GY2 4QW tel. 244356.

Lloyds Pharmacy UK free delivery to the over 65s can be arranged in certain circumstances.

  • St Sampson’s Medical Centre, Grandes Maisons Road, St Sampson’s GY2 4JS, tel. 243197. 
  • L’Aumone Surgery, Castel, GY5 7RU, tel. 253151.
  • Le Longfrie Surgery, St Pierre du Bois, GY7 9RZ, tel. 266414.