Parent Support Gsy is a Facebook support group open to parents of children with diagnosed or undiagnosed social/emotional needs based in Guernsey.

Some parents can be isolated due to feeling worried or anxious about taking their children into social situations with their peers. Many children are in mainstream schools, they struggle to make friends or can be branded the ‘naughty’ one. This can be upsetting for a parent of a child with these needs. The children are often already involved with the school SENCO but do not have an official ‘label.’

The group helps members meet other parents who are feeling helpless/struggling/feeling isolated/unsupported with parenting their child with needs and to help them find like minded parents who are in a similar situation. Casual meet ups will be scheduled so parents and their children can choose to attend and hopefully meet other parents to discuss ideas and strategies. 

To join, please follow this Facebook link and request to ‘Join Group’.

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