I’m a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach. I help people to make gradual, positive changes in their life, through 1:1 coaching, group fitness and online programmes.

I don’t believe in quick fixes. I help people to break unwanted habits and form healthy routines for long term lifestyle change.

We keep things simple and start with getting the basics right. Rather than striving for unrealistic ‘perfection’ in one area, such as diet, we take a more holistic approach and strive for balance and long term change across our whole lives. There are many small, achievable tweaks we can all make that can have a significant impact on how we feel. Food and exercise are important, but It’s not the whole picture. What about how we sleep? Our relationships? How we manage stress? What we value in life?

Within my coaching, I talk about the 6 Anchors of Wellness – these are the key areas in our life that contribute the most to our health, happiness and overall wellbeing.
Food, Movement, Connection, Sleep, Purpose and Relaxation.