The Channel Islands

We are happy to bring qualified eating disorder and obesity therapy to the Channel Islands. All therapists mentioned on our website have completed our NCFED practitioner trainings to an Approved standard so you may trust the quality of their help.

Marni is a Registered, Accredited Psychotherapist & Counsellor, Master Practitioner of Eating Disorders & Obesity & a Certified Coach. She uses an integrative approach that includes EMDR, NLP & Hypnotherapy, alongside proven nutritional interventions, to assist clients in overcoming their food related issues where psychological or deeply embedded emotional factors are involved. She is a certified Mediator, incorporating her Coaching & facilitation skills in complex family groups or relationships where required.

Marni  offers a discrete, confidential, professional & compassionate therapy for ALL eating  disorders & body image issues.  Having overcome her own food/exercise issues in the past, she understands how one’s life can be taken over completely. Our goal is freedom & restoring your ongoing relationship with food, & simply rediscovering the joy of eating – as well as staying svelte without restricting. She can work with relationship issues, adoption, anxiety, stress, confidence & self-esteem, trauma, loss, phobias & depression.

Everything You Need for Eating DisordersNational Centre For Eating Disorders Growth

We believe that you have the right to have good help from someone who cares and understands.

We believe that therapists who work with eating disorders deserve the best professional training to empower their work, plus ongoing clinical support.

This is our mission for people with anorexia, bulimia, binge and compulsive eating, body image issues, intractable weight struggles and the people who serve them.


Eating disorders are chronic, harmful problems which are about deeper issues with control and feelings.

Effective eating disorder treatment is psychological, nutritional, holistic and personalised. It must improve satisfaction with life, not just get rid of symptoms. Our therapists have understanding and knowledge of new and established therapies to help you recover.

Recovery Outcomes

  • Counselling will help you to eat only when hungry & stop when you are full
  • Freedom from obsessions with food
  • Feeling relaxed about food & eating with others
  • Sleeping well & feeling energized
  • Being happy; looking forward to tomorrow
  • Coping with relationships without turning to food
  • Mastering cravings
  • Managing your feelings
  • Feeling better about your body
  • Being able to care for yourself… because you’re worth it

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Cost: £90 Session

Age: Any

Location: Guernsey

Phone: 07781 157747

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