Mindful Fitness is lead by Mike Meinke and offers tailored personal training, nutrition and mindfulness support located in the beautiful island of Guernsey. Mike combines science-backed movement, breath work, meditation and nature to create sustainable, healthy habits and a calm mind.

The physical training, which is tailored to the individual’s needs, takes place outdoors and focuses on sustainably becoming a happier, healthier and more fun-loving human being.

Why train outside?

Biophilia is the idea that humans are innately attracted to, and have a need to be in nature. In fact, being in the natural world has been proven to lower blood pressure, decrease the production of stress hormones, relaxes our muscles and improves cognitive ability. Even just having a house plant can have a huge benefit on our physical and emotional health.

I aim to train outdoors as much as possible. However, as consistency is key I have a contingency plan in place should the good old Guernsey winter prove unsuitable!


All bar single sessions include nutrition advice, and a bespoke training package suited to the individual client’s needs. Mike usually
recommends training a minimum of twice per week but the duration of block booked sessions changes depending on frequency.


I was unfit for a long time. The only running I had done was across rain-soaked pavements in between pubs. One night I drunkenly accepted a pub bet to run 160 miles across the Sahara Desert. The morning after I was mortified, but, I had 2 years to train. With the help of friend and personal trainer Martin Yabsley I embarked upon an inadvertent health journey. I completed the Marathon des Sables, but more importantly, my life had changed for the better. I was so inspired by the work of Martin that I quit my accountancy job and studied at the European Institute of Fitness to become a Master Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. In addition, knowing first hand the power of meditation and breath work, I qualified as a meditation teacher at the British School of Meditation.

If you’d like to book some sessions or find out more, you can call or Whatsapp Mike on 07781140420, or email at mike.meinke@live.co.uk

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Cost: £35 single PT / £30 duo PT

Phone: 07781 140420

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