Man Club is a space for Men to Just Talk or Just Listen.  We use the Native American tradition of using a talking stick; a tool that enables free expression, and for a man to be truly listened to and heard.  When a Man holds the Talking stick no one may interrupt, he talks his Truth and when he has finished, he may (or may not) ask the Men in the group for their words of encouragement and non-judgmental support. 

The tradition is sacred and anything that is said, or anyone you see in Man Club is kept there. We hold confidentiality, and non-judgmental support as our source of empowerment.

When Men resonate with one another in this way, many become close friends and stay in contact outside of the Club.  The vision is one of a brotherhood, where we know that a Man has always ‘got your back’.  The power of this is exemplified with our community projects and fundraising work.

Man Club meets at the Vale Recreation Club House every 4 weeks. All Men are welcome, you can come to talk, or you can just listen, you can also check out of the meet at any time and you can attend as many gatherings as you wish.

For more information and to find out the date of the next meeting, contact Chris at Guernsey Mind on 722959, or email . We are also on Facebook as Man Club Guernsey.

A Space for Men to Just Talk, or Just Listen  

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