Lungevity is a support group established to help and support anybody in Guernsey who suffers from a respiratory related illness together with their helpers and family. We hold regular group support meetings on an informal basis usually at St Martins Community Centre and they offer an informal setting where people with a lung condition or respiratory illness can come along for a chat and to meet others who share the same issues. This Autumn we want to re-establish the group and in order to gain new members, and their families to come along.

We are also able to assist people financially if required and have in the past paid for such things as Ambulance Subscriptions, provision of equipment to help and support at home. We also own portable oxygen concentrators which are held at Healthcare Oxygen Services and these are lent out to people free of charge. We are also shortly hoping to acquire some new equipment to increase the inventory available. There is no fixed remit of how and who we can help and each request will be assessed on its merits to see if we are able to assist. We are also hoping to support some local initiatives for people with various conditions

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Cost: Free

Age: All ages

Phone: Dominic McCarthy 07781 413 556; Philip & Sandra Gallienne 07781 439 124; Emma Clayton 07781 421 915; Tracy Shields 07781 135 069

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