What is the Lifeline telephone service?

The Lifeline telephone system enables:

  • Help to be summoned in an emergency 24 hours a day by simply pressing a button on a telephone or on a pendant or bracelet which is worn by the user.
  • Pressing the button alerts the control station at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital who can try to gauge what the issue is and contact the named individual/organisation if help is required.
  • If no named supports can be contacted the emergency services can be summoned.
  • This is arranged via Sure Ltd. to whom a line rental payment is made for the service.
  • The application for the service can be made via your health or social care professional (MMH), The Connaught, GP Surgery (Island Medical Island), Age Concern, etc.) or directly via Sure.

There are no age restrictions and the system is available to residents of Alderney, Guernsey and Sark Click her for more information

If you selected The Connaught as your contact for lineline service there is an annual charge of £52 per year (approx. 14p per day or £1 per week) from the 1st of January 2019 for Life Line services provided by the Connaught.

The Connaught is a charitable organisation and due to high usage, we have to charge a nominal annual fee to contribute to the associated running costs.