Laughter Yoga is delivered by Sebastien Black at the All About Yoga studios.

Classes are held every other Friday at 5:45 -6:45

The physical and emotional health benefits of laughter yoga are far reaching and profound !

Best of all no experience is necessary!

Laughter Yoga is a type of yoga that involves laughing voluntarily for a prolonged period of time. The laughter does not have to be for any humorous reason, as long as the yogi performs the actions of laughing.

Laughter Yoga is a beneficial physical practice, as the human body and mind cannot distinguish between spontaneous and voluntary laughter. Therefore, Laughter Yoga brings about all the physical and mental benefits of “real” laughter in a fun and playful way. In particular, it often leads to elevated mood, playfulness, increased lung capacity and a tremendous sense of lightness and freedom that you can integrate into your life moving forward.

Laughter yoga is said to be good for anyone who wants to bring more joy, playfulness and sociability into their life. It is also claimed to help the body and mind feel more energised and healthy. Some studies suggest that laughter lowers stress hormone levels and may improve tolerance of pain. Yogis may leave their session feeling uplifted and peaceful.

What actually happens in the class:
In a typical class, we will start with some warm ups to loosen up the body and the mind, beginning to get in touch with our childish side. Warm ups might include conscious breathing or guided movement for example. Then we will move into various short games that get us laughing, playing and being silly! The games often include improvisation, stepping into the shoes of another, and embodying the egolessness of a child. Sometimes the laughter will begin as a voluntary act, leading to natural, contagious laughter. Finally, the class will end with a short relaxation as we allow the endorphins to wash over us.

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Address: All About Yoga studios

Phone: 07828 292911

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