Brewed locally since 2018, KTea is an effervescent drink, made to a secret, ancient formula, which contains a host of beneficial bacteria, yeasts and acids imparted to it by its mother culture, the SCOBY.

Our Kombucha is brewed using the finest, ethically sourced whole leaf teas and botanicals, crystal clear filtered water and raw cane sugar. Our SCOBY is then added and the brew is left to slowly ferment in stainless steel tanks for a fuller, richer flavour. The SCOBY imbues our KTea with beneficial bacteria, probiotics and enzymes, converting most of the sugar and caffeine into naturally occurring live and active cultures.

Once the fermentation is complete, the KTea is bottled and allowed to second ferment in the bottle to produce its natural sparkle. Nothing more is added – making KTea truly raw, low in sugar and caffeine, vegan and gluten free.

KTea is packed full of beneficial microbes that support a healthy gut, which have been linked to many aspects of your health, including your immune system. KTea are offering free delivery to Guernsey residents during lockdown. Order online here.

KTea is available to order online in packs of 12 or individually via a number of local restaurants and retailers, including:

Hansa Wholefoods
Forest Stores
Candie Cache
The Hook Restaurant
The Candy Shop
Little Mamas Bakery
The Street
Rise Yoga Guernsey
The Guernsey Tennis Club
Co-Op Island Wide
The Raw Store
Muse Cafe
Hotel Jerbourg
Surf & Turf

To find out more about our story or order online, please visit

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Cost: £29.90 of for a case of 12 bottles or sold individually island wide.

Age: All Ages

Location: Guernsey

Address: Harbour Studio, Clifton, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2PH

Phone: 01481 728123

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