Professional coaching and training services for individuals, groups and businesses.

Life Coaching for Individuals;

I work with people who want to improve their lives and, in order to facilitate this, I offer professional and personalised 1-2-1 coaching services for people who have challenging goals and aspirations. Coaching is a positive and future focused intervention that encourages progress, motivation and success that is personally tailored to you.

I can help you to work out what is truly important in your life and together we can make sure that your goals are in line with your values, beliefs and objectives. Coaching is a fantastic way to help you achieve those short, medium and long-term goals.

My niche is working with people who feel trapped by corporate life and their goals often include;

Improving work life balance
Creating a healthier lifestyle
Finding alternative ways of working
Changing employer
Changing career
Learning new skills
Taking control of their physical and mental wellbeing
Waving “good bye” to the rat-race

DISC Training
The DISC Personality System is the universal language of behaviour. Research has shown that behavioural characteristics can be grouped together into four major groups and people with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioural characteristics common to that style. As a licensed DISC trainer, I am able to offer professional psychometric testing and training services based on the DISC system to individuals, groups and businesses.

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