Spread the word …hoping as many people as possible make the most of this extraordinary opportunity to see multiple exhibitions of world-class photography in venues across Guernsey!
We are delighted and privileged to be hosting two of these…
In Preloved, Smith St you will find work by Sylvain Granjon – photographer challenging – with humour – our perception of the accepted norms of appearance and asking questions about how far we can push the boundaries of what we are prepared to tolerate.
In Reloved Living, Market Square, the artist Anais Lopez tells the story of the Mynah bird, persecuted and driven from its home, drawing uncomfortable parallels with the treatment of human migrants today.
Please, please come and view these and all the other exhibitions open from now until 23rd October. They are all completely free to see. Programmes and venue listings are available in both our shops, free to take away.
Go through the list methodically, pick one at random or work out where your interests lie….perhaps visit during your lunch hour, or pop in for an art fix before carrying on with your day.
We’ve all got just one month to make the most of this feast for the eyes and the imagination!