Health Connections was launched last month to ensure that all people in the Bailiwick are connected to support and information that helps them live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

The new Health Connections on line directory of community groups and activities was sponsored by Specsavers and is a legacy to Bob Broome.

Michele Broome, his widow and their family, have helped the Health Connections team to build the on-line Directory because of their experience during Robs illness.

Michele explains why she supported Health Connections.

“When my husband Rob Broome was diagnosed with cancer last May we tried to look things up to support both him and us as a family.  However, we found that although lots of people held some information there didn’t seem to be any one place where we could find out all we needed consequently some information we found came too late for both him and us.  Also, we didn’t always know what to look for because we didn’t know what existed.  When Rob died, we approached the palliative care nurses at Bulstrode House about putting together a pack of information for anyone diagnosed with Cancer, as some cancers seemed to be better catered for than others.  The nurse suggested talking to Liz Dorey, an End of Life Facilitator, who agreed that it was a worthwhile project.  After Liz and I met with the different cancer charities and put forward our ideas we were approached by Health Connections (Formerly Health Information Guernsey) who explained what they were planning to do and asked if we would join forces with them and help find information for their website.  This was to include cancer but also support for very young to the elderly, from helping families to supporting people who were isolated and those who were ill and/or had disabilities.  We felt that this was a worthwhile project which encompassed our original aims and more besides so as a family we have worked alongside them to help populate this website.  We have been amazed at the amount of support and information Guernsey has to offer and to have this now on one website is a huge achievement and we are sure that other support groups will come forward that we don’t know about yet and are proud to have been a part of this in my husband’s memory and this is also a very significant time as he died exactly one year before the Directory was launched”.

Bella Farrell, CEO of Health Connections, says that the Broome Family have demonstrated such grace and generosity, in ensuring that others become connected to support that matters to them, in a timely way.