There is now a growing network of Community Connectors who are being trained by Health Connections to signpost family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and sometimes strangers to support that matters to them locally.

Health Connections mission is to ensure that all people in the Bailiwick are connected to support and information that helps them live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives.

Community Connectors signpost people to the Health Connections online directory and one to one support, coaching and advocacy offered by the Health Connections team.

They also signpost people directly to activities, clubs, support groups and services that will support their health and wellbeing in the community.

If people are unable to easily get to this support they can signpost them to the Health Connections Voluntary Car Service who will take them there.

Some people may want to have the support of a Community Connector to attend an appointment, an activity or a social event or even just go for a walk or to the shops.

The role of the Community Connectors will also include enabling people to make connections, access support, health information and respite in local cafes. This ‘Talking Cafe’ initiative will adopt the ‘chatter and natter’ model adopted globally in an effort to address loneliness and isolation in connected and compassionate communities.

There is a lot of support in our community which is not always known about, says Bella Farrell CEO of Health Connections. She hopes that local health care professionals and community workers will encourage people to find a Community Connector and use the online Directory for Social Prescribing opportunities.

If you would like to become a Community Connector or would like to have a Community Connector in your organisation, contact or Tel 01481 227470.