Join us to hear from, and meet, three local artists and makers who will showcase the journey of their products from workshop to the shop floor, and share the purpose and meaning of their art and craft.

Speakers for our next event on Thursday 12th May from 6-7.30pm at our Re-Loved Market Square shop are:

???? Jennie Ryland
???? Diana Helen Pritchard
???? Tim Oldfield

Everyone is welcome!

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This event is kindly sponsored by Polygon Collective. In partnership with Health Connections, we believe that communities thrive on creativity, imagination, initiative and connection.

What is Meet The Creatives?
This is an evening to spark connections between artists, makers, and like-minded individuals as well as with the general public. In addition, it will be a space for the art community to be proud of the diversity and creativity in our community.

They will also share their thoughts on how and what it takes to make high quality, eco-friendly and marketable products for the local Guernsey community.