(Online video and phone consultations)

Welcome to our online clinic where you can access physiotherapy expertise from the comfort of your own home. Remote consultations, known as telehealth, have been used in physiotherapy for several years and are proven to be an effective way of helping people who are injured or in pain. 

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic we have expanded our telehealth service are now offering remote consultations to all of our patients. 


Telehealth is a way of providing healthcare remotely using a digital device (tablet or computer) or phone. In most cases, both voice and video is used allowing the physiotherapist to:

  • Understand your problem and how it developed
  • Identify treatments you may have already tried which have and have not helped
  • Assess the way you move
  • Diagnose the cause of your pain
  • Give you the knowledge of how to improve your pain
  • Provide you with a personalised exercise program you can complete at home or in the gym
  • Direct you towards online resources that will help get you out of pain quickly