A Guernsey charity helping stroke sufferers locally and promoting awareness in the community. We started at the KE VII Hospital in 1980 and went on to become a Guernsey Registered Charity in 1994, (registered charity number 199).The GSA offers support to people with strokes, their families and carers through a range of detailed information, booklets and advice. We also meet every Wednesday from 2.30 to 4.00pm in the Emma Ferbrache Room at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital where patients can work with trained volunteers in a convivial and social atmosphere. We endeavour to promote awareness for the prevention of strokes, through talks and literature. We provide support and advice for both stroke sufferers and their families. All our services are free to stroke sufferers.  The charity also fund-raises to help supply equipment and provide social events for the benefit of our members.

How We Can Help

Firstly we place NO time limit on how long you can attend the Stroke Group. In the group we can help stroke members with a variety of things. Helping to recover cognitive skills eg. memory, numbers, reading, writing (especially if you have to learn to use your other hand), etc. also speech through friendly interactive work in small groups or on a one to one basis.

In the Stroke Group we provide a happy and convivial atmosphere for our members with tea and coffee served half-way through the session.

Outings – where families can come along and join in the fun. Outings are free to all our stroke members but we do ask spouses and friends to pay for themselves.

Family support – we have a range of booklets/ leaflets on all aspects of strokes and families can come for advice on helping stroke patients at home etc. We understand that a stroke can be devastating to families and can affect all of the family. We raise funds for essential equipment for stroke sufferers where needed and appropriate.

Guest Speakers – The group has guest speakers from time to time who can offer talks on various subjects and a lady who comes in occasionally to introduce a musical afternoon and singing. People who have suffered a stroke can sometimes find that they can sing better than speak and singing can strengthen the speech muscles.

Where Do We Have The Group? 

Every Wednesday in the Emma Ferbrache room at the PEH., from 2-30 pm to 4-00 pm. We do have a bus but sometimes space is limited, so if relatives can help bring and pick up stroke members that is a big help.


Anyone may refer a Stroke sufferer to the Stroke Association: Professionals – Doctors, Nursing staff, Nursing Homes, Community workers and Social workers.  Also family/friends or the stroke sufferer themselves.

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